TD is a clinically proven post-operative shoe, indicated in cases of hallux valgus, diabetic forefoot and midfoot ulcers.
The use of crutches is not necessary, the rigid biomechanical sole confers greater stability and protection; allows the patient to walk safely and resume normal life as soon as possible. The height of 22mm allows to maintain the physiological posture and minimizes dysmetria with the contralateral limb, helping to simulate natural walking. The rigid sole reduces the risk of re-ulceration of diabetic patients by more than 50% (IOR University of Bologna test).
The Zero Plantar (PO600) is included in the package and has an 8 ° angle of talism that allows the pressure of the forefoot to be transferred to the hindfoot; it is made with two materials of different densities to allow the midfoot and hindfoot (at a higher density) to support the weight of the patient, compared to the softer (less dense) metatarsal area to protect and self-model to the needs of the foot. Plantar Zero can be customized according to the need of the foot (selective discharge).
The triple velcro closure allows the front part of the shoe to be fully opened and to regulate its internal volume, allowing it to accommodate swollen or oedematous feet and to insert drainage insoles.

Sizes: each shoe covers two sizes, combined as follows: 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-40 | 41-42 | 43-44 | 45-46 | 47-48

Rigid biomechanical sole.
22mm high sole. Dismetria compared to the minimized contralateral limb.
PO600 Zero footbed (patented) included.
Stabilizing buttress.
Multi velcro closure.
Can be used without crutches.
Prepared for inserting drainage insoles (eg PL345 Modus).

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