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We care about you in your own home: Feet in good condition play a very important life for quality of life and can prevent a lot of unnecessary problems. Our team can help you with this routine care and can provide solutions for deformed feet and footwear.

It is very important to keep active and moving as we grow older. This is important for the general health and for the feet since it tones up muscles, helps to strengthen arches and stimulates blood circulation.

As we grow older, and health issues become more difficult, good foot care is crucial. Feet start to dry out and lose their natural oils. We start to lose the fatty pads in the area of the ball of the foot and waling can be very uncomfortable. Skin problems, corns calluses, toe nail texture and various nail deformations can be controlled by good footcare from our professional team.

We can also provide good support for walking either with specialised insoles to accommodate deformities or also with proper medical shoes to accommodate anything difficult situation.

And in case accessing our premises is difficult for you we can do all this at your place.