VENEZIA  is indicated for the treatment of the rheumatic foot that suffers from mild pains and the primary prevention of the diabetic foot, even in the presence of neuropathies and neuropathies accompanied by vasculopathies
The flexible biomechanical sole provides stability of walking and balance, during the step of the step the foot joints are protected and the pressures are correctly redistributed, helping to reduce the risk of falling. The sole with rear bumper allows maximum protection even for patients in wheelchairs.
The self-modeling and seamless upper in the rub zones molds to the shape of the foot, comfortably accommodating any deformities such as hallux valgus or hammer toes, avoiding dangerous and painful frictions. VELCRONE NERO is also indicated for patients with osteoarthritis, fragile skin, calluses or who suffer from pathologies such as metatarsalgia, gout or bursitis.
The velcro closure facilitates the fit and allows the internal volume to be adjusted according to the patient’s needs.
The shoe is designed for inserting a finished or custom-made insole. In the Spring Summer period the perforated version SR21991 is also available.

Self-molding self-modeling supersoft nylon upper.
Predisposition for the insertion of a finished or custom-made insole.
Semi-rigid biomechanical sole Timing Rocker Sole in workable micro.

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