Foot-Forward podiatric services are expanding and trying to help and serve as many people as possible within always the podiatric scope of practice.

They have developed a footwear centre and they can accommodate people with deformities, various diseases that affect the feet, most traumatic cases and generally difficulties finding appropriate footwear in the market.

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Cyprus & Luxembourg

About foot forward

Foot forward is the leading podiatric clinic in Cyprus and was established in 1969. Since then, the clinic has been serving patients with dedication and full respect towards their needs, using the podiatrists’ skills and latest technology available, for quick and best service possible.


After graduating from the University of Brighton in Great Britain in 1994, B. Sc (Hons) and 2000 (M.Sc), I joined my mother in our small clinic in Cyprus, which has evolved to the largest podiatric clinic in Cyprus.

Over the years, I evolved from co-founder to president of the Podiatric Association (2003-2010), a lot has been done to help the profession evolve and finally, in 2013, the profession has been regulated in Cyprus.

I held the positions of Treasurer of the International Federation of Chiropodists (2008-2012) and Country Representative for the International Diabetic Foot Task Force (2008-2015).


Foot Forward in Luxembourg is essentially the continuation of our services in Cyprus today in Luxembourg, adapted to the needs of the local population.

I joined Franck Brats in his office in the center of the city of Luxembourg and the services are now more numerous.

The two colleagues exchanged experiences and working methods and now offer a wider range of services.