Diabetic Foot Clinic

Diabetic Foot Screening Test and treatment for the prevention of complications

Diabetic foot Clinic at Foot Forward Premises

The problem of diabetic foot complications is a global problem. Every 20 seconds somewhere in the world someone loses a leg due to the complications of diabetes. and each country has its own duty to manage this problem holistically as best as possible. This is also one of the biggest challenges of our health system which is recently reformed.

Foot Forward Podiatric clinic has been a creator of this diabetic foot service since a long time and always tried to have good connections with the doctors of the patients for their benefit.

The foot forward podiatric team has been screening and treating people with diabetic foot problems since many years and has also been present in scientific meetings presenting studies regarding the Diabetic foot internationally.

Our Diabetic foot clinic is following the Guidelines of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF).

Foot forward has also created a very informative leaflet of how Diabetes is affecting the feet and what we can do to avoid problems.

For the moment this is only in Greek