Foot Forward Cyprus

Foot forward is the leading podiatric clinic in Cyprus and was established in 1969. Since then, the clinic has been serving patients with dedication and full respect towards their needs, using the podiatrists’ skills and latest technology available, for quick and best service possible.


Home visits for
podiatric care

Our team can help you with this routine care and can provide solutions for deformed feet and footwear.

Special Footwear manufacturing

A variety of comfortable and supportive footwear accommodate deformities and provide support during rehabilitation or for permanent use.

Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Foot Screening Test and treatment for the prevention of complications

Healthy nails with laser technology treatment

Revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from onychomycosis and other nail disorders.

Custom made insoles

The design of these insoles are always based in our clinical evaluation and plantar pressure distribution analysis


Computer Aided Design - Manufacturing

Our Laboratory is equipped with the latest technology of CAD CAM. These are machines that they cut custom made insoles.

The podiatrists of the foot forward centre are trained not only to assess the gait and prescribe what is needed for each patients but they also design the insoles themselves using specialized software. This technology is available to us since 2001.

The data are taken from the clinical assessment, the pressure distribution measurements and when it is needed three dimensional measurements which are scanned and combined in the software with the rest of the data.

We also the traditional methods of casting when we think it is necessary and we have available materials and machinery.

Foot Forward is using the EMED Pedography and the PEDAR In-shoe System of NOVEL, Germany.

These are very sensitive electronic measurement systems for recording and evaluating the pressure distribution under the foot. The actual measurement is based on calibrated capacities sensors.

These systems are able to record dynamic as well as static measurements. The dynamic measurements are the most important ones since they determine the degree of loading during the actual roll-over processes while walking, quantify crucial parameters, such as length and width changes of the foot, the Varus or Valgus position, and the function of the toes, joints and ligaments.

The specialized knowledge and experience of the Podiatrist enable him to carry out a proper bio mechanical assessment of gait, and by using the different measurements,  to design the optimum insoles for each foot separately.

Foot Forward Team

Lenia Maliotou

Lenia Maliotou


Diamanto Maliotou

Diamanto Maliotou


Despina Theodorou

Despina Theodorou


Demos Voskarides

Demos Voskarides


Antonis Kyrmizi

Antonis Kyrmizi


Our News

Special Olympics

Foot forward was present in Athens during the Special Olympics. Diamanto Maliotou – Papasavva represented the FIP, International Federation of the Podiatrists as a member of the executive board. Foot forward was present in Athens during the Special Olympics Diamanto...

Proprioreceptive Insoles

Foot forward has introduced the technology of Prioprioreceptive or sensomotor insoles since more 2010. This method has been used on a wider basis over the past years.[wonderplugin_pdf...

Foot forward participated in special event.

Foot forward participated with our podiatrist Demos Voskarides at the very special event that was held in Areteion Hospital last Saturday 17th of November. For the first time ever, many doctors and health professionals were co-existing and working together for the...

Tanzania Pedography Scan Project

In September 2010, a new project cooperation was launched between novel’s Cyprus partner Mrs. Diamanto Maliotou-Papasavva, M.Sc. B.Sc (Hons), Dr Zulfi qarali G. Abbas, MBBS,MED, DTM & H (UK) from Tanzania, and Peter Seitz, CEO of novel. The three parties agreed on...

FIP-IFP World congress

FIP-IFP World Congress of Podiatry   Despina Theodorou attended the FIP-IFP World Congress of Podiatry which was held in Rome, Italy between the 17th and 19th October 2013. During the congress, Despina was able to attend lectures on the latest improvements in the...

World Diabetes Day

The 14th of November has been set as the World Diabetes Day and aims to promote public awareness about diabetes, its treatment and management.