About Foot forward Clinic

Foot forward podiatric center is serving people since 1969 when Lenia Papadopoullou started working as a private practitioner. Her daughter Diamanto joined her in 1994. Despina Theodorou joined in 2007 and Demos Voskarides in 2011.

The history of podiatry in Cyprus is directly related to the foot forward clinic, since Lenia is the first qualified podiatrist in Cyprus in 1969. A profession completely new to the medical world of Cyprus. Lenia faced the rejection of the medical world and took her years to prove her capabilities and the role of the profession in the health of people. Diamanto had helped the profession to a very great extent since she co-founded and led the first podiatric association in 2003 and was president for 7 years. She worked hard towards the recognition and regulation of the profession, which was finally achieved in 2013. She has represented Cyprus in the International Working group of the diabetic foot for a period of 5 years, and she was also on the board of the International Association of Podiatrists for 5 years. Despina Theodorou has led the podiatric association for 2 years, Demos was also on the board of the local association for 2 years. 

Diamanto is working in Luxembourg and has created a foot forward clinic there since 2017. She is working in a country which has regulated the profession many years ago and is also reimbursing the patients for some services. She has a very good relationship with the General Practitioners and also orthopedic surgeons, endocrinologists, rheumatologists etc.

Foot forward podiatric clinic in both countries is dedicated to serve patients and has a variety of services to offer as well as a medical shoe Center. We are here to help and try to solve the problems of people with difficult feet and various underlying diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, various other arthritic problems, various foot functional disabilities, and other.

From September 2019 we will be running a diabetic screening clinic dedicated to people with diabetes every Saturday in association with a team of doctors. Keep tuned with us for further news.