TERAHEEL is a post-operative shoe indicated in the treatment of heel fractures, in the post-operative phases of the hindfoot, in the case of heel patients and for the treatment of hindfoot ulcers.
The sole allows the protection and complete discharge of the hindfoot and allows the patient to take the steps without the help of crutches. The hindfoot outlet is facilitated by the presence of a soft polyurethane footbed (customizable).
In the rear part the shoe is equipped with a removable protection ring that acts as a bumper, thus avoiding the patient the risk of being hit in the critical area.
The side buttresses contain and stabilize the foot.

Sizes S (35-37) | M (38-40) | L (41-43) | XL (44-46).

Nylon flex upper.
Seamless upper: no stitching in the rub points.
Multi velcro closure and total front opening.
Sole for full heel discharge.
Soft PU footbed.
Removable rear bumper.
Extra internal volume.
Stabilizing buttress.

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