ACTIVITY FANCY BLACK is a piece of footwear from our Podartis Podynamica range that was specially designed to protect sensitive feet during physical activity in the event of metatarsalgia troubles and a hallux valgus.
It is recommended for individuals with limited joint mobility, diabetic feet or rheumatic feet who require primary or secondary prevention.
The semi-rigid Timing Rocker Sole® biomechanical outsole allows for a smooth transition between the three phases of gait. This reduces pressure peaks on the forefoot and limits wear and tear on the joints, making for a more natural gait and lessening the sensation of fatigue.
The stretchable upper, which is seamless at friction points, adapts to the shape of the foot as well as to any deformities, ensuring comfort and preventing painful rubbing.
Being larger in size, the shoe can accommodate bigger feet and ready-made or bespoke insoles (including bulky ones).
Clinically and biomechanically tested, ACTIVITY FANCY BLACK guarantees protected physical activity.


Stretchable upper in super-soft nylon.
Seamless upper: no seams at friction points.
Semi-rigid Timing Rocker Sole® biomechanical outsole with a micro adjustable insole and a Vibram tread.
Designed for the insertion of a ready-made or bespoke insole.
Extra internal volume.
Extended stabilising back counter.
Tested clinically and biomechanically.

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