3D insoles

The 3Dimensional printed insoles are the most recent technological development in our field of work. Each insole is designed separately with a wide range of densities and corrections to choose from. We have a great selection of covers depending on the needs of the patient.

3D printer Technology

All insoles are 100% custom-made and have the name of each patient printed on them

Measurements taken in 3D dimensions, 2D pressure distribution analysis of the foot with our novel systems (novel.de) are combined with our clinical knowledge and experience. With this in hand, we design and produce the optimum insole for every need. All insoles are 100% “sur mesure” and have the name of each patient printed on them. The insoles can be reprinted at any given time.

3D printed Insoles

Real advantages over other Technologies

The real advantage over all the other technologies is that the material is dense, and the insole can be really thin. The insoles can be used in shoes that other insoles cannot be accommodated, such as court shoes. It is important to note that each patient is different and potentially has limitations that need to be discussed

Available and suitable for almost all shoe types