In our website we display only a variety of the brand’s products. For the full range of products please use the link below to download the latest catalogue  Then you can browse and choose your desired products, and contact us with the product code and name, we will happily process the order for you.

Foot forward has been providing to the Cyprus public these innovative shoes since 2003, already many years. This company has been evolving its technology since 30 years and has been dedicated to the provide comfort to people with difficulties in feet. That being deformed difficult feet, diabetic feet, rheumatic feet and generally feet that are looking for extra comfort. We have many shoes in stock, but we can also provide you with any model from the catalog which you can download here or see at our clinic within a few days.

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Podartis shoes, stylish orthotic medical shoes to accommodate all deformities and provide support during rehabilitation or for permanent use. All deformed feet can walk pain free with our special shoes form Italy. Shoes we provide since 2003

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