ACTIVITY SPORT GREY is a high-tech footwear from the Podynamica line of Podartis, designed for the physical activity of overweight people and for controlling the excesses of pronation or supination.
It is indicated for subjects with limited joint mobility, metatarsal problems, with diabetic foot or rheumatic foot who need first and second level prevention.
The Timing Rocker Sole® semi-rigid biomechanical sole uses DCS Dynamic Cross System® technology. It is a composite fiber insert located inside the Vibram® tread which guarantees the control of pronation and supination excesses and a greater lift to avoid the collapse of the sole in cases of overweight (tested up to 140kg). This system ensures a very high elastic response to facilitate the development of the breech propeller and reduce the demand for joint energy (elastic smooth transition).
Clinical tests have shown that the Activity shoes that benefit from DCS technology are effective in subjects with neurological diseases, stabilizing and guiding the pace and giving dynamic help in the propulsion phase.
The self-modeling and seamless upper in the rub points molds to the anatomy of the foot and its possible deformities, ensuring comfort and preventing painful friction.
The increased volume of the shoe makes it possible to house important feet and finished or custom-made orthotics.
ACTIVITY SPORT GREY, thanks to clinical and biomechanical tests and the high technology it uses, ensures a protected physical activity, even in the case of overweight.

Super soft self-modeling nylon upper.
Seamless upper: no stitching in the rub points.
Semi-rigid biomechanical Timing Rocker Sole® sole.
DCS Dynamic Cross System: anti-collapse sole.
Vibram® tread.
Predisposition for the insertion of a finished or custom-made insole.
Extra internal volume.
Extended stabilizing buttress.
Clinically and biomechanically tested.
Easy closing.

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